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Slough with green pasture and Montana mountains


Half way through life as scientists and business owners, we realized that we didn't know where our meat came from—so we decided to do something about it.

Learning and growing since 2009 on the farm, we now specialize in raising grass-fed, grass-finished heritage animals for breeding stock, meat, and wool.  

gotland sheep illustration
Isbell family picture

The Farms

It all began on Alice Lane, as we built out the land in our backyard to house a handful of chickens and a sheep or two. The girls raised prize chickens and grew to love the sheep, so we added another pen. And another. And another.

We then expanded to a 60-acre ranch in Saint Ignatius we called Ninepipe Farms.  Naturally a few horses and a couple cows entered the scene.


In 2014, we were able to rescue a nearby 80-acre farm from becoming a subdivision near Missoula. We named it Open Reach Farm, and it has become our center of operations.

Who We Are

Based in Missoula, Montana, we were used to being surrounded by farms and mountains on the horizon. Once we realized that we didn't know where our food came from, we came up with a grand plan...


That was the beginning of many years of trial and error, steep learning curves, and retrace-and-try-again moves.

Best of all, the kids had a blast growing up, and now we do know where our food comes from!

slough water pond at Open Reach farm
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