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We have chosen our breeds to be hardy, good mothers, easy to raise on grass, and in the case of our sheep, producers of wondrous wool.


Most of our stock is sold to breeders, but the animals not up to par for that purpose are mighty tasty.

Check out the products below and contact us for pricing and availability!


Wool Products

Gotland sheep are a Swedish breed prized for their beautiful, curly grey, lustrous wool. 


The pelts are made into an amazing array of products from fashion clothing to seat covers.


The wool is typically made into blankets commercially, but hand spinners and felters create just about anything from it! 


Our cattle, sheep and goats are all raised on grass. In winter, they eat hay that we raise to supplement the grass they love to dig out of the snow. Meat from animals raised this way has many health benefits over commercial meat.

We work within Montana law governing meat sales, which is why we sell whole, half, or quarter animals. Our butchered meat goes quickly, so contact us for availability and to let us know you are interested!

Packaged lamb chop
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