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We have carefully chosen our breeds to be hardy, good mothers, easy to raise on grass, and in the case of our sheep, producers of wondrous wool.

All of the animals have been raised on one of our family farms and we take pride in the curated purity of our genetic lines.

We specialize in

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fence illustration

We also offer

Gotland Sheep

Gotland sheep have one of the most pleasant and curious temperament of any sheep breed.

In our flock, ewes have been noted to do such things as zip up someone’s coat because it was cold; or befriend a National Geographic photographer and steal her credit card from her pocket.

All in good fun, of course.

We are proud to have one of the largest flocks of Gotland Sheep in the US.

To build this flock we have used 24 AI Sires from Sweden.

This is in addition to the 7 AI Sires from the UK that were used with the foundation stock. 

Gotland Sheep

Starter Flocks

If you are new to Gotlands—or tired of breeding up—consider buying a starter flock we can hand-pick for your specific needs.


This year we have a large number of animals for sale from eight (yes, 8!) unrelated genetic lines, so it’s the chance of a lifetime.

Animals For Sale

We have been breeding Gotland sheep since 2009, using semen from Sweden and one gorgeous UK ram, David. In 2017 we were part of the Swedish Semen Import Team, made up of five GSBANA breeders, who imported and have made available semen from 8 Swedish sires.  We have semen straws available for sale from this group as well as high percentage rams from these AI sires.  This year we also have available for the first time, high percentage rams and ewes from UK David.

At this point our core flock is GSBANA registered purebred (95%-98%) Gotland.


In our AI upbreeding program, we regularly sell young 2-4 year old ewes who have already added their qualities to our breeding flock. The percent of Gotland in each sheep is only one of 15 factors in our annual evaluation program.


We select animals based on their Gotland characteristics.  We evaluate lambs using the Swedish standard, as well as evaluating all of our sheep annually.  Breeding rams are selected at 16 months old.  We found that it is difficult to know if a ram is truly breeding quality until they have gone through their second spring of growth on lush pasture.  Montana winters can prove challenging.  If a ram can't take care of himself and thrive in harsh conditions, we can't expect him to become an outstanding herd sire.  We typically only accept 10% of the rams annually as fine breeding stock.  The rest are truly delicious; see our products page for buying meat.   

We sell breeding stock we have used in our program, so you can enjoy quality breeders to build your own registered Gotland flock.  Gotland sheep are not just range ruminants; they are funny personalities that become part of your extended family.

You can peruse our current stock below. Please contact us to purchase some of these quality animals or AI straws.

AI Straws

AI Straws

We also offer Swedish and UK-sourced AI straws for convenient breeding. 

This year we are offering straws from a fine UK ram, David R1036 AI UK.  If you do not use AI, check out the high-percentage David ram and ewe lambs for sale!

UK David 1.jpg
David R1036 AI UK
UK David 2.jpg

Straws from the following Swedish Sires are currently available, though there are very limited supplies remaining from most of the sires.

Ervalla Grey Ztrong — 21215-12542 SOLD OUT

Ervalla Ztarke — 21215-33076     SOLD OUT

Ervalla Grey Fifty — 21215-33050  SOLD OUT

Sindarve Blå — 870-12408      SOLD OUT

Sindarve Frodo — 870-10531      SOLD OUT

Sindarve Amor — 870-14092      SOLD OUT

Lindholmen — 61495-10068    SOLD OUT

Kälder Lakris — 697-14067     SOLD OUT

Contact us for more details and pricing.

Registered Red Angus and Belted Galloway  Cattle

The "old" Red Angus genetics are a proven breed of grass efficient cattle.  They have a moderate frame and finish well on grass.

Galloway cattle are shaggy!  Their thick coat keeps them warm and allows them to develop intermuscular fat faster, instead of building a thick back fat layer.  That means great tasting tender meat.


Our cattle are intensively grazed on irrigated mixed grass pasture in the summer, and fed our own hay in winter. They finish marvelously.

At this point we are collecting names

of interested buyers for the 2023 season. 

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