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Raw Fleeces

Aside from offering pelts and wool-based crafting products, we also have a great selection of raw Gotland fleeces.


Contact us if you have any questions or are looking to purchase a specific product!


If you have ever wanted to try your hand at working with raw Gotland fleece, now’s your best chance!

We shear twice per year to take advantage of pasture... lambs are born in April onto grass and never see hay until they have their first shearing. Ewes are shorn a couple of weeks before lambing and never see hay until their fall shearing. The April-to-October fleeces are very clean of vegetable matter!


Winter fleeces are also available and of good quality, though of course they are rougher. (We don’t sell fleeces with higher VM—those go to the mill.) Winter fleeces are very suitable for felting!


Lamb fleeces are all from fall 2020. Prices are based on weight, fixed at $35 per pound plus shipping, whole fleeces only. 

Ewe and ram fleeces are from this 2020 fall and last year (2019), $30 per pound, whole fleeces only.


So far we have only skirted and photographed the lamb fleeces, but we will add others as we are able.


If you want to email us with a request for a ram or ewe fleece in the meantime, we will try to accommodate you!

Lamb 0044 fleece.jpeg
Lamb 0044 locks.jpeg
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